• I started seeing Sonia because of problems with my neck and upper back caused by spending long periods of time on the computer at work. The practice staff are friendly and professional and I'm really happy with the treatment I have received - it's been effective and I've been given lots of practical advice on things I can do while working to relieve discomfort in between my check up appointments.

    Rachel Gillis, London
  • Sonia Gogia is the first call I make anytime I have an injury as the treatment I get from her is always first class. She is also a very genuine and honest person and is a joy to go and visit with her bubbly personality. I can't recommend her enough.

    Mr J Hudson, Marylebone, W1
  • A wonderful, caring, efficient, osteopath. Sonia can diagnose and treat a condition rapidly. She puts her patients at ease and you walk out in considerably less pain than when you went in. The treatments do not last long, a few sessions are all that is generally required. The best practitioner I have met. Several family members have benefited from her care. Thank you Sonia!

    Nicole Shelton, London
  • Sonia is fantastic...as a keen and regular runner she has been keeping me in tip top condition for several years. Easily the longest I have been injury free and in no small part due to her excellent Osteopathy and soft tissue work...one more very happy client.

    Chris Taylor, London
  • Sonia is an artist! She's helped me so much with various problems that my GP couldn't sort out for me. I absolutely trust her, a visit to her is always a pleasure.

    Talita Janice, Publicist, London
  • From not being able to stand up straight to back playing football in 2 weeks. After years of having lower back problems, meeting and seeing Sonia changed my back problems forever, with the help of Osteopathy and physiotherapy. My lower back has never been better or stronger. I recommend her 100% for lovely service and great treatment there is no one better.

    Mitch Crook, Creative Director, London Hotel Creative
  • As a traveling musician - a drummer to be specific - who's pretty hard on his body, I always make time to see Sonia to tend to my wounds when I'm in town. My body goes through what a professional athlete goes through, so I need the best care; my career depends on it. One look at my posture and she knows what's up. She always sets me straight giving me the best care and I walk out like a new man. Go see Sonia!

    Michael Miley, Drummer Rival Sons
  • Living a very hectic lifestyle as a manager to a number of musicians and actors, often requires me to be in good physical shape. When I feel an ache or pain I often visit Dr Gogia and Sonia for some Osteopathic treatment , they are both wonderful and I always walk out feeling great after just one visit.

    Hillary Shaw, Director, London Shaw Thing Management
  • After playing cricket for 30 years, as well as sitting at a desk for the best part of my week, I have quite a few challenges in maintaining my postural health. Sonia has been amazing since my first treatment (approx. 7 years ago). She takes the time to listen before acting, she asks for feedback whilst treating and all the while creating a sense of ease that it is your choice to continue treatment depending on how you feel – she has my interests at heart and she is there when I need her which is incredibly reassuring (weeks or even months apart). I have referred countless people to Sonia not just for the quality and professionalism of her treatment but because of her honesty and the comfort she provides you through the process. I couldn’t offer a higher recommendation.

    Craig Jones, Hammersmith, London Director @ Vibe Teacher Recruitment Ltd
  • A great experience being treated in such a warm & friendly environment.

    Ana Pereira, London Sculpture