• A wonderful, caring, efficient, osteopath. Sonia can diagnose and treat a condition rapidly. She puts her patients at ease and you walk out in considerably less pain than when you went in. The treatments do not last long, a few sessions are all that is generally required. The best practitioner I have met. Several family members have benefited from her care. Thank you Sonia!

    Nicole Shelton, London
  • Sonia is fantastic...as a keen and regular runner she has been keeping me in tip top condition for several years. Easily the longest I have been injury free and in no small part due to her excellent Osteopathy and soft tissue work...one more very happy client.

    Chris Taylor, London
  • Sonia is an artist! She's helped me so much with various problems that my GP couldn't sort out for me. I absolutely trust her, a visit to her is always a pleasure.

    – Talita Janice, Publicist, London
  • Living a very hectic lifestyle as a manager to a number of musicians and actors, often requires me to be in good physical shape. When I feel an ache or pain I often visit Dr Gogia and Sonia for some Osteopathic treatment , they are both wonderful and I always walk out feeling great after just one visit.

    Hillary Shaw, Director , London Shaw Thing Management

Over 40 Years Experience

We are specialist healthcare professionals, passionate about promoting and maintaining your health so enabling you to live the life you want to, free from the restrictions of pain and discomfort. We have over 40 years’ experience. Most of our patients enjoy a long term health relationship with us, safe in the knowledge that we know you and how your body reacts and best recovers from whatever your life throws your way.

Gogia Osteopath provides successful, gentle non-invasive treatment to best resolve and manage your aches, pains and ill health issues for every stage in life, whether acute or long term, traumatic in onset or having just occurred.

We are Registered with the General Osteopath Council.

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