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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopaths work to restore your body to a state of balance, with the use of manual therapy. Patients who suffer from back, neck or joint pains, arthritis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, digestion or circulation problems, minor sports injuries and tensions could benefit from our services.

Our Team

Gogia Osteopaths is a father and daughter team. Dr Gogia Graduated from The London College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1970 and in 2007 his daughter Sonia Gogia graduated from The College of Osteopaths and has been working alongside her father since.

Pricing Policy

Consultation & treatment together is 30 minutes, prices do vary for different locations, for more information call or email us today and we can let you know our fee. Payments only by cash, cheque or Bacs.

Surgery Times

The Belgravia Surgery
(Tues 10:30-13:00)
Brentford Clinic
(Mon-Sat – Call for availability)
The Group Practice, Kensington
(Tues 14:00-17:00) (Fri 10:00-13:00)



  • "As a traveling musician - a drummer to be specific - who's pretty hard on his body, I always make time to see Sonia to tend to my wounds when I'm in town. My body goes through what a professional athlete goes through, so I need the best care; my career depends on it. One look at my posture and she knows what's up. She always sets me straight giving me the best care and I walk out like a new man. Go see Sonia!"

    Michael Miley, Drummer, Rival Sons
  • "Living a very hectic lifestyle as a manager to a number of musicians and actors, often requires me to be in good physical shape. When I feel an ache or pain I often visit Dr Gogia and Sonia for some Osteopathic treatment , they are both wonderful and I always walk out feeling great after just one visit"

    Hillary Shaw, Director Shaw Thing Management, London
  • “From not being able to stand up straight to back playing football in 2 weeks. After years of having lower back problems, meeting and seeing Sonia changed my back problems forever, with the help of Osteopathy and physiotherapy. My lower back has never been better or stronger. I recommend her 100% for lovely service and great treatment there is no one better.”

    Mitch Crook, Creative Director, Hotel Creative, London
  • "Sonia is an artist! She's helped me so much with various problems that my GP couldn't sort out for me. I absolutely trust her, a visit to her is always a pleasure."

    Talita Janice, Publicist, London
  • "Sonia is a keen and regular runner she has been keeping me in tip top condition for several years. Easily the longest I have been injury free and in no small part due to her excellent Osteopathy and soft tissue more very happy client"

    Chris Taylor, London
  • “A wonderful, caring, efficient, osteopath. Sonia can diagnose and treat a condition rapidly. She puts her patients at ease and you walk out in considerably less pain than when you went in. The treatments do not last long, a few sessions are all that is generally required. The best practitioner I have met. Several family members have benefited from her care. Thank you Sonia!”

    Nicole Shelton, London

What to Expect - Case History and Examination

A full medical case history is taken at the first consultation to discuss symptoms and past medical history, including medication intake. If you have any x-rays or scans please bring these with you. On examination we will observe your posture and mobility, assessing the range of movements to particular joints, which will enable us to make a diagnosis.

Diagnosis and Treatment

We will give you a clear explanation of we have found (diagnosis), and discuss a treatment plan that is suitable for you. Treatment is hands-on and can involve soft tissue massage, articulation, manipulation of the joints and stretches. Self-help measures and advice on exercise may be offered to assist your recovery, and prevent reoccurrence or worsening of symptoms.

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